Warnham, a village just north of Horsham in West Sussex. The name Warnham is unusual in that it doesn't appear as a place name anywhere else in the world.

Famous Residents

The poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792 – 1822) was born at Field Place, a large house to the south of Warnham. He took lessons from the vicar of St Margaret's church and was baptised there.

Sir Henry Harben (1823–1911), was president of the Prudential Insurance Company and first mayor of Hampstead and lived at Warnham Lodge. A generous benefactor, he built Warnham's village hall and club

James Shudi Broadwood ( 1772 – 1851) was a famous piano maker and a member of the oldest firm of piano makers still in existence today. He, together with the vicar of St Margaret’s and others provided the money to build Warnham School in 1850

George Cox ( 1911-1985 was a noted cricketer who played for Sussex. A Sporting all-rounder, he also had the distinction of playing football for both Arsenal and Fulham. George Cox also played football for Arsenal (1933-36) and Fulham (1936-37).

Sir John Henry Pelly, 1777- 1852) Owner of Warnham Court was governor of the Hudson’s Bay Company and also Governor of the Bank of England

Charles Thomas Lucas (1820-1895) who lived at Warnham Court was one of the great Victoria master builders. His civil engineering works ranged from the Royal Albert Hall, Covent Garden Opera House, Large parts of London’s underground railway , Liverpool Street Station and Blackfriars Bridge, some of the major London docks. Clearly quite forward thinking, the Royal Albert Docks were built to take ships of 20,000 tons, ships of that size weren’t built until decades later.

He was also a patron of St Margaret's, the parish church of Warnham