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The annual pantomime quickly became an institution at Warnham Court and the Drama Group became the most popular of our evening activities.

Miss Bradford was the English and Drama teacher and the play would be a very creative collaboration between her and the headmaster, Mr Savage. Mr Savage's scripts were highly original and the storyline was guaranteed to vary from the traditional!

In addition to the performers/pupils, there was a wealth of talent behind the scenes, provided by the staff. There were a host of helpers; Wardrobe mistresses, stagehands ushers, flower arrangers.

Mr Towse, our carpentry teacher doubled as stage carpenter and piano player and other musicians were co-opted from the village to provide an orchestra.

There would be a number of performances, I loved being part of the compulsory audience made up of us non-dramatically inclined pupils for rehearsals and still recall the words of the songs to this day.

In addition, there would be a performance for the parents and also one for the villagers. No doubt the press would be invited for the previews because there would invariably be generous reviews in the local papers.