Warnham Court School was a London County Council boarding school set in a large country mansion and estate in the village of Warnham near Horsham in West Sussex.

It was founded in 1952 as a 'Residential School for Delicate Children'. This often meant children with Asthma or, in the years after the Second World War, those recovering from Tuberculosis. London children who would benefit from the country air of Sussex and the facilities that the school could offer.

This web-site attempts to give an insight into the founding and the first decades of the school. The story of the whole span of the school's forty-year existence deserves to be told but it is beyond the scope of these pages.

Warnham Court was indeed fortunate to have a remarkable head-master and outstanding staff, both teaching and non-teaching. It gave me an insight into a life far different from my normal one in South London and although I only spent a year there, I look upon it as the most beneficial to me of all my school years.

I have tried to widen the scope of the site to include some history of Warnham Court and of the village and I hope those former pupils and anyone associated with Warnham Court will find something of interest within.